Fix Your Foundation Before It’s Too Late

  • What To Expect From A Weekly Spa Service

    18 May 2019

    Having a backyard spa comes with a lot of benefits, but there is also a lot of responsibility. If you want to be able to use your spa regularly and avoid costly repairs, you will need to ensure that your spa is properly maintained and cared for. While it is possible for you to take care of your spa on your own, it can be time consuming. One simple solution is to hire a professional spa service such as Anchor Pools & Spas to take care of your spa.

  • Remodeling Your Home? What To Look For In A Contractor

    2 April 2019

    When you put your house up for a remodel, you want to make sure you do all you can to get the most out of your investment. After all, a home remodel done well can add a lot of value to your home while making the space livable to your expectations. The right contractor will ensure your remodel is a success so you don't end up with open ends and a project that is quickly out of hand.

  • Planning Your Dock

    17 February 2019

    Building a dock isn't much different than building a deck, but obviously, there are more things to consider when you are building on water rather than land. Here are five important aspects to think about before you call a dock construction contractor. Choose A Dock Shape A dock that juts out straight into the water and simply ends isn't as stable as one that has appendages. You want your design to be either T or L-shaped, so it is more stable.

  • Need To Purchase Gutters For Your Home? 2 Types And Their Benefits

    1 January 2019

    The gutter system you choose for your home is important as it keeps water away from your foundation, as well as other areas of your home. This prevents damage and can save you a lot of money. To help you when purchasing the gutters below are two types you will find on the market as well as benefits of each type. Aluminum Gutters There are many benefits of choosing aluminum gutters, including the following.

  • Stop Shoveling Ice – Make A Deicer Using A Sprinkler System

    25 November 2018

    How much time do you spend scraping the ice off of your driveway and sidewalks each year? Wouldn't you love it if you could spend that time snuggled up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book? Well, you might just be able to free up some of your winter-time – how, you ask? You can transform a sprinkler system into a deicing system for your driveway and sidewalks.

  • Need New Screens? Why You Should Choose Retractable Screens For Your Home

    8 October 2018

    If you're looking for a way to protect your windows without cumbersome screens, it's time to consider retractable window screens. Like retractable awnings, they're there when you need them, and gone when you don't. Here are four reasons why retractable windows are the best choice for your home. Doesn't Distort Your View If you're tired of having your view distorted by your window screens, you need to have retractable screens installed on your home.

  • Dealing In Caulk: Contractors With A Niche And What They Do

    3 September 2018

    There are all kinds of construction contractors in this world. You are probably quite familiar with the majority of them. However, you may never have heard of a caulking contractor. There is good reason for that, too. Caulking contractors only do caulk- that is what they do. Not too many homeowners need a lot of caulking about the house, which is why the majority of these contractors only work on new construction, major remodeling projects as subcontractors, and/or home repairs.