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2 Unique Ideas For That Old OVC Pipe

by Howard Barnett

If you are having a plumber come in to tend to some repairs, you might want to ask him or her to leave any of the old PVC pipe for you to deal with. Instead of allowing the plumber to throw it all away, you can pick through it, clean up the good pieces of pipe, and reuse them for something else around the house. This way, you are not wasting anything and you will be able to create some incredible looking things for your home. To help you with this, take a moment to review some of the following unique ideas for old PVC pipes.

1. Holiday Wreathes

Take your old PVC pipes that have been cleaned and cut them into slices that are a couple inches thick. The exact measurement that you use is completely up to you as this simply dictates how thick your wreath will be. Just make sure that all of the pieces are the same size in length. Once you have done all of your cutting, you will want to lay them out on a large kitchen table or the floor so that you have created a nice sized circle wreath. Pick up each piece and add plumbing glue that will adhere it to the pipe next to it. Go all the way around the wreath until you have glued everything together. You can now spray paint the wreath or leave it the color that it already is. Once everything is dry, you can adhere various holiday decorations to the individual centers of the various pipes. Fill up all of them or a few here and there. Add a bow to the bottom of your new wreath and hang it on your door once you are finished for a unique and festive looking wreath.

2. Outdoor Flower Vase

While you can use any width of PVC piping, you might want to stick with the wider ones when you begin to tackle this project. Simply cut your PVC pipe to the height you would want the vase once it is standing up on its end. You will want to decorate the PVC pipe by either spray painting it using your favorite color or adhering small gems, stones, or broken ceramics all over the sides of the pipe. Once everything you have added or painted has dried, stick the PVC pipe far enough into the ground outside of your porch or along your home so that it will not topple over. Fill it with soil and then add your flowers for a unique look that not even your neighbors can compete with. 

As you can see, there are some very creative things that you can do with the old PVC pipe that your plumber would have just thrown out if you didn't stop him or her. Just make sure that you are thoroughly washing and drying all used piping before starting your craft ideas and you should be good to go. To learn more, visit R Acres Plumbing Company LLC