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3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Family Cozy And Warm While Waiting For Boiler Repair

by Howard Barnett

That gas fired water boiler system you have in place to fuel the radiant heating you have in your home may be efficient, but of something goes wrong with the system, boiler repair can almost always ensure a professional service call will be necessary. While you have to wait for a professional from a company like Custom Comfort to arrive, you will be left trying to keep your family warm in a house with no main heat source at work. Here are three simple ways you can keep your family warmer while you wait.

Boil Water on the Stove

In the event of a heating emergency, just boiling water on the stove can help to warm a space. It may not sound ideal to gather everyone up in the kitchen, but this could be the perfect time to get all hands on deck for a cooking project or food experiment. Grab several large kettles, fill them with water, and leave the lids off the top when you placed them on the stove. As the water heats and steam rises, so will the temperature in your kitchen.

Create a Terracotta Heater

With some charcoal, a large terracotta pot, and some aluminum foil, you can create a temporary heater that will keep your family cozy for at least a few hours. Line the pot with aluminum foil and fill it about a third of the way full with charcoal. Light the coals on fire while still outdoors and allow them to turn to ash and burn down. Once all flames have died down, it is safe to bring the pot inside the house where it will generate heat for several hours.

Light Up Candles and Lanterns

For many years, candles and lanterns wee a preferred light source in the home, but they were also desirable because they generated a small amount of heat. If you are stuck waiting for boiler repair, gather everyone in one of the smaller rooms in the house, such as a small bedroom, and light several jarred candles and lanterns if you have them. Keep the door sealed off with a heavy blanket and you will see a dramatic temperature change in the room. 

Staying warm when the temperature is low and the boiler is down is easy with a bit of creative thinking. These three ideas could help your family stay cozy and warm while you are waiting for the boiler repair professional to arrive.