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How To Decorate With Bathroom Accessories

by Howard Barnett

Not only are bathroom accessories useful, they can be decorative as well. When choosing accessories for your bathroom, pick items that can work double duty. Consider your bathroom's color and decor theme, such as an island or garden-inspiered space, when buying the accessories. You can use the helpful items to help tie the overall look of the bathroom together.

Keep these decorating tips in mind when choosing bathroom accessories:

1. Toothbrush Holders

A bathroom necessity, toothbrush holder designs range from simple to extravagant. You can choose a holder to reflect the bathroom's color scheme, such as black in a black and white room, or blue in a blue and silver room. Some toothbrush holders feature whimsical designs, such as colorful fish or palm trees, which are ideal for a tropical-themed bathroom. 

Holders in neutral tones, such as gold, silver or white, will work in a bathroom with a sophisticated or elegant design. You can also find a sink cup in a coordinating color or pattern.

2. Garbage Cans

Like toothbrush holders, garbage cans are convenient bathroom accessories. Although they don't play a glamorous role in the room, garbage cans can add to the space's appearance. You can choose a can with floral designs or leaf patterns for a garden-themed bathroom. Some garbage cans also feature tropical designs, such as seashells, palm leaves and seahorses. 

Another option is to choose a plain garbage can in a color that coordinates with the bathroom theme, such as turquoise for a beach-inspired space.

3. Shower Curtains

Rather than choose a basic, boring white shower curtain, enhance the bathroom with a patterned one instead. As one example, a cloth curtain featuring embroidered floral designs will work in a garden-themed space. If your bathroom has a tropical design, opt for curtains featuring seashell, seahorse, fish or coral patterns.

Solid-colored shower curtains can also enhance the bathroom decor. For instance, pick a curtain in a soothing lavender or soft green shade for a spa-inspired space. A bright red, green or yellow curtain will add a fun pop of color to a child's bathroom.

4. Towel Racks

When choosing a towel rack, pick a design that's appropriate for the overall bathroom look. Silver racks look modern, gold racks offer a touch of elegance, and wood and black wrought iron racks have a casual appeal.

Complete the look by installing coordinating wall shelves, which are ideal for storing extra towels and displaying decor items such as flower vases and candles. (For more information on bathroom accessories, contact a company such as Central Plumbing Specialties)