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5 Shrubs And Trees That Are Great For Commercial Landscaping

by Howard Barnett

The exterior of your commercial buildings provide prospective customers with their first impression of your business and should therefore be professionally landscaped to create an attractive environment. However, you should also take care not to have vegetation on your property that may cause safety hazards for customers, employees, and other pedestrians in the vicinity. For instance, if you live in an area that experiences significant rainfall during the autumn months, you should avoid planting large leafed maple trees near high-traffic areas of your property. These leaves turn slimy when wet, creating a substantial risk of slip and fall accidents, and leaves on this type of tree fall faster than most people can rake them up. Following are five tree and shrub choices for commercial properties that are low-maintainence and won't create pedestrian safety hazards.

Honey Locust Trees

These trees are seedless and thornless, with small leaves that fall evenly throughout the season and are easily raked up. They are excellent choices for those who want a specimen tree that doesn't produce deep shade -- the lacy foliage of honey locust trees allows plenty of filtered sunlight to reach the ground beneath it.

Kousa Dogwood

Another attractive, low maintenance tree, Kousa Dogwood is a pest and disease resistant small tree that is suitable for inclusion in commercial landscaping. Although its spring flowers are insignificant, its white-to-pink bracts are a glorious harbinger of spring. They produce aggregate fruits in the fall that are so attractive to birds that you probably won't have to worry about cleaning them up if they fall on your property.


These small trees feature lightly scented foliage, an attractive, single-trunk growth patter, and attractive fall color. The foliage of Katsura trees is easily raked up, and the trees are pest and disease resistant. This is an especially good choice in areas that have heavy clay soils.

Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape is an excellent large shrub to place near walkways and entryways because its pest and disease resistant properties mean that it won't require pesticides or other chemical controls to keep it healthy It's evergreen with clusters of bright gold flowers in the spring and can survive on very little water. It produces bluish-purple berries in the fall that, like the fruit of the Kousa Dogwood, are quickly gobbled up by local birds.


Another large evergreen shrub, barberry is excellent for hedging because its purple-reddish foliage looks particularly attractive when the plants are massed together. It requires very little water and hardly ever drops its leaves. It produces small yellow flowers in the spring. Talk to your local landscaping experts, such as Ag Services Of Maui, for more information.