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Is Your Home Warning You That It's At Risk Of An Electrical Fire?

by Howard Barnett

Electrical fires in homes are somewhat rare, but they do still occur and especially in homes with older wiring. The sad truth is that very often there are signs of the home's wiring being bare or frayed that homeowners overlook simply because they aren't familiar with these signs and what they mean, and so they neglect to have an electrician make repairs and upgrades before such a fire occurs.

Consider some common signs of older wiring or of dangerous wiring in a home that should be replaced or repaired. This can ensure you call an electrician when needed and can lessen your risk of an electrical fire.

1. When walls and outlets feel warm

Electricity itself generates no heat so if you notice that electrical outlets or the walls behind those outlets feel overly warm, this can be a sign that your wires are bare or frayed. The building materials such as your drywall and insulation can get singed and in turn, they start to feel warm. While a small amount of heat might be normal when you run an electrical appliance, if you notice that outlets or walls feel very warm and even hot to the touch when you're using the electricity, call an electrician.

2. When you notice a burning smell, or think you can smell electricity

Electricity also has no smell of its own, so if you notice a burning smell behind your walls or think you can smell electricity, this too may be the building materials being charred or singed. The heat that is produced when the materials touch bare wires can char these materials, and an electrical fire often has a very distinct odor. When you think you can smell electricity, this may actually be the singeing of those materials. Call an electrician to have them checked immediately, as you should never ignore any type of burning smell in your home.

3. When circuit breakers are constantly tripping and shutting off

Your circuit breakers are meant to shut off if the wires are overloaded with demands of electricity. An occasional shutoff is normal in a home but when the circuit breakers are constantly shutting off, this typically means that your wires are too old for the appliances or other electrical devices in the home. Older wires often cannot carry the amount of volts or amps often needed for today's kitchen appliances and electronic equipment. If you continue to overload the wires, they can eventually become frayed and this leads to an electrical fire. Call an electrician to inspect and replace them as necessary.

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