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Fortifying Your Front Door Against Forced Entry

by Howard Barnett

When it comes to protecting your home, your front door should be one of the key areas you bolster. Since most break-ins to homes happen through a compromised front door, no expense should be spared when it comes to securing it. With a few economical hardware upgrades, you can fortify your front entry and make your home much more burglar-proof. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this.

Invest in a modern deadbolt strike plate

Most burglars do not bother to pick your lock; they simply force their way in with a few kicks to the front door. Unfortunately, most strike plates, which is where the deadbolts secure the door to the door frame, are not designed to withstand forced entry, and are only adequate in holding the door shut.

To toughen up your door, a strike box with stronger, over-sized strike plates and longer screws that hold the locking mechanism more firmly to the door frame should be installed. This will make the door capable of withstanding full force kicks, deterring burglars from gaining entry through force. A layer of steel reinforcement can then be added to the door to prevent the frame from splitting when forced open.

Additionally, install a heavy duty dead-bolt to solidly connect the door to the wall. A double-cylinder dead-bolt that is keyed on both sides, or a single-cylinder one that is keyed on one side, can reinforce your door by securing it firmly to the door frame and give you a high-value addition to the locking mechanism.

Install solid wood or metal doors

Hollow core model doors can easily be broken down with an onslaught of forceful kicks, despite the quality of your dead-bolts, since they are made of easily breakable material such as cardboard. Replacing all hollow core doors for exterior entries with hardwood or steel doors will make it much more difficult for thieves to gain access to the home through forced entry.

Pine doors are the most affordable, so you could consider them as a low-budget fortification for your home, though it is best to go for hardwood doors if you can afford them.

To make your new door more secure, consider re-keying all your exterior entry doors, especially if you are not the first to call your present abode home. Modern re-keying kits available at local hardware stores can be used for all your entrance and dead-bolt locks, allowing you to open all your home locks using the same key. 

For more information and tips, contact a local locksmith from a company like Pop A Lock