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Planning On Selling Your House? Put The Electrician On The List Of People To Call

by Howard Barnett

Selling a home is not as simple as putting up a sign and waiting for offers to come flooding in. There are many preparations to make and people you need to contact. If you are considering selling your home, one of the professionals that you need to call out for a visit is an electrician. This guide explains what the electrician will look at to ensure that potential buyers see your home as a good buy instead of a money pit concerning the electrical system.

Correct Amperage

Unless buyers are planning to gut your home and remodel it completely, they won't want the major expense of changing out the circuit breaker box. The electrician checks for the proper amount of amperage in the box to ensure that most additions, appliances and any additional indoor or outdoor plugs are a possibility.

Circuit Breaker Box

In addition to checking for the correct amperage of the circuits, the electrician also ensures that the box is installed properly. Other circuit breaker box specifics that they look for include:

  • correct amount of circuits
  • circuits trip when overloaded
  • area around and in the circuit breaker box is clean and mold-free

Labels on the Inside Door of the Circuit Breaker Box

When a buyer looks at your home and observes the circuit breaker box, they want to see that there are labels on the inside of the box's door. Clearly written labels written tell residents in the home which circuit goes to which outlet, appliance, light fixtures and so on.

The electrician checks these labels. If they are not clearly marked, they will test each circuit to see where it leads and label the circuits for you.

Electrical Outlet Recommendations

Ask the electrician to perform a walk-through on your home to see where you might be lacking in outlets. You may already have an idea of where some could go, but they can give you an idea of areas that you may have missed.

If the home is in need of additional outlets, ask the electrician to install them or absorb the cost by reducing the asking price of your home. When buyers see that you have their electrical needs in mind, they are likely to make an offer.

When the electrical inspection of your home is complete, ask the electrician for an inspection certificate that you can put with the closing documents of the home. The buyers can call the electrician who performed the inspection if they have any electrical problems in the future. For more tips about preparing your home's electrical system, contact a comany like Alpine Electrical Construction LLC.