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Unusual Ideas For Your Home Elevator Installation

by Howard Barnett

It is possible that you are getting older and are building or buying the home you plan to stay in for your retirement. Or, it could be that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with some form of debilitating illness and mobility is now an issue, especially going up or down the stairs. Whatever the reason for your current interest in installing an elevator in your home, there are ways to make it interesting, unusual and different from your normal run-of-the-mill indoor transportation.

So if you are in the process of remodeling, building  or are looking for elevator repair services with an elevator in mind, here are a few design ideas to consider:

An island oasis

One of the elevator options that you could choose is a pneumatic elevator. However, rather than having a simple 37-inch-diameter chute installed into your home, you could consider adding an aquarium to make your elevator a showpiece. This type of elevator can cost about $15,000 to almost $30,000 while the addition of the aquarium can add to that cost by more than $50,000. However, it has the added advantages of being the conversation piece at dinner parties and can also serve as a calming influence during stressful times.

While your aquarium-coated elevator may not be able to rival the 25-meter tall cylindrical version in Germany, the idea is much the same. Expect though to budget at least an estimated $1000 per month for maintenance and care of your exotic housemates and their container, especially if requires special techniques for cleaning.

Living on the edge

If you among the daring and bold, then you could consider a machine room-less (MRL) or traction elevator. The actual elevator is normal and has nothing particularly fancy about it. However, installing glass floors can add an edge to your ride. These types of elevators can also be built with glass walls which can be installed inside or outside the structure of your house and they can cost somewhere in the region of $100,000 or more. 

Since an elevator needs an excavated pit of about 6 inches below it and space above to house the mechanisms for its operation, this could add to your costs at about $20,000 to more than $30,000. Fortunately the options of a glass floor can be pre-designed into the elevator. The excavated pit can also be enhanced by adding decorative murals to add to the visual while going up or coming down.