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Typical Problems With Your Water Feature And How You Can Fix Them

by Howard Barnett

Hiring a landscaper to install a waterfall or a bubbling fountain with a Koi pond underneath is an excellent move. These water features add beauty and interest to your yard and increase the property value as well. After you have spent some time enjoying your new water feature, you may encounter a problem. Before you assume the landscaper did something wrong, consider that it is not the landscaper's fault. More than likely, it is one of the three following problems and you can easily fix it yourself.

Your Fountain Stops Spurting

This problem is quite common, and the usual culprit is the water pump.

  • Locate the water pump underneath the surface of the water. It might even be directly under the fountain or a little off to the side.
  • Lift it up and out of the pond.
  • Detach it from the hose that connects it to the fountain and to the water supply. (If your water feature has a water feed from your house, be sure to turn the water off first.)
  • Replace the pump with a new one, reattaching the hoses.
  • Place the pump back down in the water where you found the old one.

Now you can switch the pump back on and your fountain should work just fine.

Decreased Water Pressure

If your fountain or waterfall seems to be slowing down and does not quite have the "oomph" it had originally, there may be a blocked tube somewhere. Either some dirt or debris or even ice may be to blame. If it was really cold outside the night before, then the water in the tubing will need to thaw out before your water feature returns to normal. When it gets that cold outside, you need to remember to turn the water off so you do not experience this problem. On the other hand, if the problem is dirt or debris of some sort, you can siphon or flush the tubing out and your water feature should return to normal.

When Both Water Feature Repairs Are Unsuccessful

There is something else going on that could be more serious or beyond your skill level. Then you should call the landscaper and ask him or her if he or she could come take a look. Usually the landscaper that put the water feature in can figure out what is wrong in just a few minutes and let you know how much it will cost to fix it. Hop over to this web-site for more information.