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How To Clean Foam Insulation Overspray Off Of The Surfaces In Your Home

by Howard Barnett

Many homeowners make the brilliant decision to have spray foam insulation installed in their homes. This product is an efficient and easy way to insulate the home more effectively than other options. Unfortunately, the spray foam insulation can sometimes get away from the installers and become stuck to your home and furnishings. Here, you will learn the removal techniques for getting the insulation off of the things that it shouldn't be on.

Overspray on Glass

Foam overspray on glass is a cinch to clean up. All you really need to remove the overspray from glass is a very sharp straight razor, some glass cleaner and a couple of paper towels. Firmly grasp the straight razor and shave the foam off of the glass. Just be sure to maintain a level position of the blade so that you don't scratch the surface of the glass.

Once the foam has been removed, use the glass cleaner and paper towels to clean the residue that remains.

Tip: To get lint that is left by the paper towels off of the glass, use a clean coffee filter to wipe the glass. The filter will pick up the lint and buff any streaks off of the glass to leave a perfectly clear finish.

Overspray on Vinyl

Overspray on vinyl siding, window frames or doors can be a little trickier to remove. You will need to use a plastic razor to gently scrape the foam from the surface. Again, keep the razor level with the surface to avoid scratching or gouging the vinyl.

After you have removed as much foam as possible from the vinyl surface using the razor, it is time to apply a little bit of acetone to a clean, soft cloth. Wipe the area with the foam on it until the foam has been removed. Be sure that you apply the acetone to the cloth and not to the surface. Applying it to the surface could cause damage to the surrounding materials as it runs.

You may need to reapply acetone to the cloth and re-wipe the surface several times before it is completely gone.

Overspray on Wood

Wooden surfaces are the most difficult to safely clean the overspray off of. Since the wood is prone to scratching and is easily gouged, you must use special care as you clean away the foam.

Use a plastic putty knife to very gently scrape the foam from the wooden surface. It is imperative that you keep the putty knife completely level as you scrape the wood surface.

Once you have removed as much of the foam from the wood as possible using the putty knife, apply a small amount of mineral spirits to a clean cloth and place it over the foam. If the foam is on a horizontal surface, tape the cloth in place. You want the cloth to remain in place for at least twenty minutes to soften the foam. At this point, use the putty knife to scrape away the remaining foam.

Apply mineral spirits to a clean cloth, and wipe the area clean. After you have removed the remaining foam, use the wood polishing product of your choice to finish the clean up process.

The foam overspray doesn't have to remain on the surfaces around your home. With a little work and the right products and tools, you can remove it easily.