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Understanding The Benefits Of Having A Green Roof

by Howard Barnett

One of the most popular trends for new home designs is the ability to incorporate "green" technology. This is because of benefits such as reducing your cooling and heating bills and helping to improve the environment. If you have a passion for gardening, consider adding a green roof to your home. Not only will it help lower your bills, but it may also extend the life of your roof by filtering off stormwater to reduce the risk of flooding. The list below provides some information on the benefits of adding a green roof to your home.

Home Benefits

The green leaf cover provided by the plants and other roof materials is what aids in lowering your home's utility costs. This is because the leafy cover aids in cooling the air, by providing an extra layer of material on the roof's surface, allowing you to use your air conditioner less than normal. In addition, the light colored surface will not draw in as much as the darker material underneath.

Green roofs also aid in the draining or evaporation process of rainwater, reducing the risk of having a flood caused by pools of water remaining on your roof. During the winter months, the substrate and drainage layer works as a form of insulation because of the thicker building materials. This will aid in lowering your heating bills by reducing the temperature needed to warm up your home. The added roofing layers will also aid in reducing the amount of noise in your home that filters outdoors.

Environmental Benefits

Urban waterway systems can become overly polluted because of the amount of falling stormwater that flows off nonporous sidewalks, parking lots and roofs and into the city's drainage system. Green roofs are able to absorb most of the rain that they encounter because the additional layers will work as a filter for the water. This enables green roofs to remove most pollutants before the water continues to flow off the roof and through the streams and rivers. This delay of stormwater flowing through the sewers during a storm also helps to prevent flooding the systems. In addition, the rooftop plants aid in absorbing airborne toxins and carbon dioxides.

If you are interested in adding a green roof to your home, consider talking with a roofing contractor. They can evaluate your roof to determine which type of roofing system will work best. For more information about roofing, visit Burroge Construction LLC.