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Homeowners: Helpful Steps To Take When Maintaining The Toilet

by Howard Barnett

As a homeowner, a pivotal part of your bathroom is the toilet. In order to keep this part working at an optimal level, you can take these steps.

Get Rid of Clogs

If the toilet in your bathroom gets clogged, it's important to be proactive and fix this problem quickly. Start by bending a wire hanger so that it's straight. Feed one end through the drain, and keep pushing until you feel some resistance. Then, push and twist simultaneously.

If this doesn't break up the clog, you might try contacting a residential plumbing service. This company will send out a plumber, who can use a device called a toilet auger. This tool is essentially a long coil that is flexible. The plumber will work the auger through the drain until they can push through and break up the clog. 

Treat the Tank

The upper portion of your toilet called the tank is an important part to maintain. Sometimes this area can get dirty, and if you are not careful, mold could develop. You need to remove mold as quickly as possible, as it could cause all sorts of respiratory problems.

One of the best home remedies for mold is bleach. Put bleach into a spray bottle, and mix in some water with it. Spray the bleach on areas where there is mold in the tank. You may even want to put on rubber gloves, and physically remove traces of mold before spraying down the area with bleach. 

It's also important to put tank system cleaner in the tank, as this can help break down waste. This helps maintain a free-flowing septic system.

Inspect the Base for Leaks

After a while, the base material around the toilet can break apart. This could cause leaks to develop, which could then cause severe water damage in the bathroom if you are not careful.

Solving this issue isn't difficult if you use caulk. Apply caulk around the base of the toilet, making sure to fill in all of the cracks. Caulk has a fast drying time, and it's also temperature-resistant. So even if it gets hot or cold in the bathroom, the caulk will not break down. Caulk also cures to a white color, so it will easily match the color of your toilet.

The toilet is a pivotal part to maintain in the bathroom. Thanks to these steps, you can keep the toilet working great for years and years. However, if you aren't able to troubleshoot your toilet, contact a professional plumber such as DiRosato Plumbing and Heating