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Details That Count When It Comes To Curb Appeal

by Howard Barnett

First impressions are important. The exterior of a home is the first thing that any visitor sees when they visit. A home with great curb appeal will seem more inviting to visitors and can be a point of pride for homeowners. There are also many other advantages of having great curb appeal. Homes with attractive exteriors and landscaping are easier to sell and can often command a higher price. Increasing curb appeal often involves painting, landscaping, and other big improvements. With these big improvements it can be easy to ignore the details. However, certain details make a big difference when it comes to curb appeal.


Many homeowners spend little time thinking about their home's gutters, considering them only when they need to be cleaned or replaced. Installing a new gutter system can add value to a home, increase the curb appeal, and prevent water damage. However if a homeowner decides that a new system is not needed there are a few ways to increase the appeal of the existing gutters. First, any dented sections of gutter should be repaired or replaced. Next, details such as color should be considered. Gutters that do not match the color scheme of the rest of the home's exterior stick out like a sore thumb and can really detract from a home's appeal. To learn more about gutters, contact a company like Allstate Gutter & Siding


Landscaping plays a big role in curb appeal. The right trees, flowers, and hedges can really up the wow factor on a home. However there are also other landscaping details that really affect curb appeal. Outdoor lighting is one of these details that can make a big difference. Well placed outdoor lighting can highlight attractive landscaping while making navigating a yard much safer at night. Outdoor lighting can also be used to highlight attractive architectural features on a home. 

Keep It Clean

Cleaning a home's exterior can actually add thousands of dollars to its value in some cases. A clean and tidy exterior is much more attractive than a dirty exterior. Keeping the exterior of a clean home brings out architectural features as well as makes it look newer and brighter. Keeping a home clean is also easy and can be inexpensive. Soap and water can go a long way especially for glass surfaces and vinyl siding. Pressure washers can also be rented and make cleaning a home's exterior a breeze.

Curb appeal can play a large role in a home's value. Paying attention to details and highlighting the attractive parts of a home's exterior can lead to a big payoff in terms of home value.