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2 Signs Your Sewage Tank Pump Needs To Be Serviced

by Howard Barnett

Few things are more frustrating than cleaning up sewage that has backed up into your house. Unfortunately, unless you pay close attention to your septic tank, it might be the reality you are faced with. Here are two signs your sewage tank pump needs to be serviced so that you can avoid this harsh reality:

1: Plumbing Fixture Drainage Issues

Does it seem like your plumbing fixtures take an eternity to drain? In addition to making it hard to take care of your dishes, slow-moving drains can also make your sinks and tubs dirty. When water moves slowly, grime can stick to the sides of your tub—making a mess that can permanently stain your plumbing fixtures.

Although you might be tempted to grab a bottle of chemical drain cleaner to resolve the issue, the problem might be caused by a worn-out septic tank pump. Some septic tanks have separate pumps that move effluent into the drain field or main sewage lines. Unfortunately, if these pumps stop working, sewage can back up, making it difficult for waste water to make its way into the tank.

If your sinks, shower basins, or bathtubs don't seem to be draining well, ask a professional to inspect your septic tank—especially if it has been awhile since the last time your system was emptied. You might have a clog in your drainage lines or a damaged pump, which could create additional issues down the road.

2: Marshy Landscaping

On the other hand, sometimes when septic tank pumps break, they send too much wastewater out into the drain field, which can make a mess of your landscaping. You might notice large puddles of mud, or your yard might smell like sewage. Sometimes, if there is a clog present in drainage lines, pipes can even burst open and send sewage seeping out into your yard.

To avoid problems, pay close attention to your lawn and yard. If you notice puddles, muddy areas, or grass that seems to grow uncontrollably, work with a professional to see if your septic tank pump is in order. Although you might be tempted to wait awhile before contacting a septic tank expert, seeking repairs early is crucial for your system. Leaving damaged components can put strain on other parts of the septic tank, which might cause permanent damage down the road.

By getting your system repaired, you can prevent problems and keep your home clean and tidy. For more information, contact a local sewer repair company like Forrest Sewer Pump Service