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Staying Warm After Swimming

by Howard Barnett

Swimming year round is becoming more and more common. Heated pools allow people to keep swimming even when temperatures drop. One of the main issues with swimming during the colder months is getting out of the pool. Cold air can make exiting the pool a very uncomfortable task. Luckily there are changes that can be made to the space around the swimming pool in order to ensure that swimmers aren't left shivering. 

Add A Fireplace

A fireplace or fire pit is a great way to provide warmth in an outdoor setting. An outdoor fireplace next to the pool can provide a warm place to dry off at after swimming. An outdoor fireplace is also a great spot to add a seating area where swimmers can lounge after enjoying the pool. There are some disadvantages to an outdoor fireplace, mainly the cost. An outdoor fireplace can be expensive, costing up to $20,000. For homeowners not willing to make such a large investment, fire pits are a great alternative. Fire pits are less expensive but still provide the same warmth. They are also easy to purchase and can even be built as a do it yourself project.

Radiant Heating

When it's cold outside simply walking from the pool area into the home can be difficult. This is especially true if there is snow on the ground. Keeping the areas near the pool heated and snow free is important for year round swimming. Using a radiant heat system is one option for keeping the area immediately around a swimming pool snow and ice free. Radiant heat systems make it much easier to walk from the pool back into the home. With radiant heat in the surface surrounding the pool, there is no need for cold feet!

Bring The Pool Inside

For those with large budgets, there is another option for staying warm while swimming. An indoor-outdoor pool is ideal for swimming in almost any weather. Once a swimmer is tired of swimming outside, they can simply swim indoors into the heated interior of the home. These pools give homeowners the best of both worlds and make staying warm easy. A fireplace can also be added inside near the pool as well for swimmers who want to stay warm while drying off.

Staying warm while swimming in cooler weather can be challenging. Heated pools are great while swimmers are in the water but getting out of the pool can be a chilly process. Fireplaces, radiant heating, and indoor outdoor pools can make this an easier task.  Contact a local outlet, such as, for further assistance.