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Down To The Wire: Use Wire Pigeon Repellents, Not Spikes

by Howard Barnett

If you have been trying to figure out how to keep pigeons off your office building's window sills, you may have seen those strips of spikes that you place on the sill. Those are very effective, but they present some issues for window cleaners when they go to work on the windows in your building. An alternative is to use a wire arrangement sometimes called a trip wire. This is a lot safer for anyone trying to clean the windows, and it also makes the job easier, especially if you want the sills clean as well.

How Trip Wires Are Arranged

These go across the sill in rows; although, a single wire will work well for narrow sills. Pins are inserted in mortar just above the sill, and a wire is stretched tight between the pins. The wire is very thin -- too thin for the pigeons to sit on comfortably. You can install other wires at different heights as well; doing so makes it harder for the pigeons to try to land on the lower wires because the upper wires block the bulk of their bodies from moving onto the sill.

The wires still allow some access to the lower part of the window and the sill. Compare that to anti-pigeon spikes, which allow debris to gather at the base of the spikes. Plus, if a window cleaner is working on your windows, he or she won't be injured by sharp spikes. The wires are also harder to damage; someone cleaning a window could bend some spikes by mistake, creating a place for a pigeon to land. The wires aren't subject to that kind of manipulation.

To remove or reposition the wires, remove the pins and fill in the holes with mortar. Drill new holes in dry mortar and add pins and wires as needed. Double-check with the window cleaners who work on your building if they need the wires to be repositioned, because you don't want any bird droppings piling up. If a wire or two are too close to the sill's surface or block part of the glass, that will make the cleaners' job harder and potentially expose them to disease. Bird droppings can carry diseases like toxoplasmosis and encephalitis, and they attract pests like mites. You definitely want to reduce the possibility of a cleaner encountering a pile of droppings.

If you'd like more information about keeping your window sills safe from pigeons while also ensuring cleaners can do their job safely, contact the company that works on the windows in your building and ask them to work with you to place the wires. For more information or advice, contact a business such as Clearview Maintenance Co.