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3 Ways You Can Protect Your Basement Against Winter Water Damage

by Howard Barnett

As snow melts during the end of the winter season, all that accumulated water can find its way into your basement and cause water damage. You may notice moisture on your walls or even water seeping into your basement carpeting, which can be devastating to your basement's structure and difficult to repair. Here are 3 ways you can better prepare your basement for the snow melt that can cause damage during the winter season.

Cover cracks and open seams

Cracks and open seams in your basement floor and walls are easy targets for excess water in the ground to enter your home. You may not notice these weakened areas of your structure at first, but damp lines in your concrete or a darkened color where water gets in can give these areas away. Mark all dark or damp areas in your walls and carpet with painter's tape, then place a fan or turn up the heat in your basement to help dry out the moisture damage. Hire a contractor to fill in the cracks and crevices for you with a layer of epoxy or cement.

Install an underground drain pipe

Much of the water damage to your basement can be caused by the water that gets drained off your roof via your drain pipe. Since your drain pipe ends at the base of your home, the water that pours out has nowhere to go but down, leaving your basement an easy exit for the excess moisture. Remedy this by extending your drain pipe further away from your home. Dig a long trench a few feet deep to the middle of your yard and bury your drain pipe there. With the water already underground and further away from your home, you can help keep the moisture away from your basement.

Waterproof your walls

Applying a waterproof base to your basement walls can help prevent outside moisture from getting in, and this is a great and easy preventative measure if you don't already have existing signs of water damage. Contact a contractor to do your basement waterproofing. A contractor can apply a few layers of a waterproof primer to your walls and flooring to help protect your basement against moisture. This is a step you can take to protect your basement in conjunction with installing a new drain to best keep your basement safe.

Your basement is a prime target for water damage, and as the winter snow melts, you may experience moisture in your basement if you haven't taken precautions to protect this area of your home. A contractor can help you decide what types of waterproofing methods will work best for your home's needs.