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Do You Suffer From Seasonal Affective Disorder? Build A Sunroom To Alleviate The Problem

by Howard Barnett

As the seasons progress through the year, you may feel a little depressed or pretty happy. It is not always easy to explain, but seasonal affective disorder is a real thing that can affect your mood all year long. One of the main culprits that lead to experiencing symptoms of this disorder is a lack of sunshine. Not only can your biological clock get thrown off-kilter but your serotonin levels could fluctuate quite drastically. Although you can start using light therapy to help with symptoms, you may want more. Building a sunroom is an excellent idea when you have enough room to expand part of your home.

Create a Room to Spend Time In

It is important to take care of your emotions because they affect almost every aspect of your life. Although you can go outside to get the sunlight you need to feel happier, the weather may be too harsh. During wintertime, you may have to bundle up so much that you do not get much sunlight exposure. A perfect alternative to this is creating a room that you can spend time in at any point throughout the day.

Bring the Natural Light Inside

In your home, you may have doors and windows that bring in some natural light, but it may not be enough to make a difference with seasonal affective disorder. Also, the areas that do get light for several hours a day could require you to sit in an awkward position where there is nothing to do but soak up the sun. A sunroom brings the natural light inside with walls that are completely covered in glass. So, not only will you be able to expose yourself to natural light on a daily basis, but you can be productive in the room.

Make It Four-Season Friendly

Living in a mild climate means you may not have to spend much money to build a four-season sunroom. But, when you get snow and freezing temperatures pretty often during winter, the costs can add up. You can expect to spend at least $60,000 to create a sunroom that is ready to handle any season. The main disadvantage is the fact that it can require substantial savings, but the incredible benefit is that this addition can play an enormous role in reducing or eliminating the effects of seasonal affective disorder.

Spending money might seem scary, but when it can help with your emotions, it is worthwhile. Building a sunroom is an amazing way to enjoy self-treatment without leaving the comfort of your own home. Check out a company like Corrado Construction to get started.