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3 Modern Upgrades You Should Consider Making to Your Shower During a Bathroom Remodel

by Howard Barnett

When indoor plumbing first became a thing a lot of years ago, the bathroom was a room of necessity, with only the essentials like a toilet, tub, and sink. However, the modern-day bathroom is far from just a room in the house you have to take care of personal needs; this room has evolved into the one room in the house where you can refresh, unwind, and rejuvenate. If you are planning to vamp up your bathroom with some more modern ideas in mind, the first spot to start making some changes is the shower. Here are a few modern shower upgrades that could take your bathroom remodel from ordinary to all-out mesmerizing. 

Install mood lighting in the shower area.

The shower is somewhere where you can spend personal time in your own little world while you get clean, of course, but you can also use the area to rejuvenate and relax. For this reason, the shower area is just as worthy of special lighting as your bedroom. If your bathroom now only has a single fixture overhead, consider sprucing things up with some recessed light fixtures over the shower. If you want to take that idea a little further, have a dimmer switch installed so you can adjust the brightness of those recessed lights, and you will see a whole new shower world exposed. 

Get creative with shower fixtures. 

The basic shower may be a single arm angled from the wall to spray you from just the right angle, but there is nothing that says this is the best way to take a shower. Why not install some special shower heads in your shower space? Here are some ideas. 

  • A rainfall shower integrated into the ceiling for a downpour of water from overhead
  • Wall-mounted shower heads which spray completely horizontal for massage-like action
  • Steam heads implemented into the walls so you can enjoy an all-out spa effect

Change up the shape of the shower itself. 

The traditional shower stall may have always been square or rectangular, but modern innovations in construction design have made it much easier to think outside of the box (literally) when it comes to shower stalls. You can have everything from a shower stall with an octagonal shape to a fully circular shower stall with contoured glass doors to match. Likewise, you can completely change your shower experience by making the shower stall bigger than average, including permanent fixtures like tiled bench seats or sitting areas.