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3 Advantages Of Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding

by Howard Barnett

Capacitor discharge stud welding, commonly referred to as CD stud welding, is a method that allows small-diameter studs to be welded to thin, lightweight materials. It's a very popular method of welding, as it can be used on a wide variety of materials, including steel, brass, aluminum and copper. If you are unfamiliar with CD stud welding, here are a few benefits that the process can provide for you and your shop when compared with other welding methods.

Adds Strength With Few to No Markings

Any welder knows that working with very lightweight material is a delicate process. Using a fastener that is too strong could end up damaging the material. The great thing about CD stud welding is that it offers a one-sided weld. This means there won't be any eye sores showing through on the other side of the material. This means you can even pre-paint the material on the backside if needed, without fear of a stud breaking through and ruining the paint job. But even though the weld is one-sided, CD stud welding provides a durable, high-quality bond that you can be confident in.

Be More Efficient With Your Time

With CD stud welding, there is no need to drill, punch, or rivet a hole into the material in advance of inserting the stud. CD stud welding is also known for its extremely fast welding times. In short, CD stud welding is one of the quickest fastening processes that you can use. Once you or your employees get the basics down, you may find that overall productivity goes through the roof.

Saves Money

It's just been mentioned that CD stud welding can save you time due to there being no need for through-hole preparation. But if you stop and consider that in a lot of cases, time translates to money, the economic advantage of CD stud welding becomes quite clear. If you are running a welding shop, you won't have to pay your employees for hours of prep work once you've transitioned to CD stud welding.

If you are looking to learn a new technique to improve your welding business, you may want to take a long look at capacitor discharge stud welding. CD stud welding is great for working with thin materials because it can provide a strong bond without causing any markings on the other side. CD stud welding is also incredibly quick compared with other types of fastening, which could save you time, and therefore, money on each of your projects. For more information, contact companies like Northland Fastening Systems.