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Improving the Appearance of Your Small Business Parking Lot

by Howard Barnett

If you are a small business owner, you most likely take the time to keep your property looking favorable for customers who come to visit you. This will enhance their overall experience, possibly helping you to get subsequent sales as a result. One portion of your property you should tend to frequently is the parking lot. Since this is the area customers will use first, how you tend it will make a lasting impression. Here are a few steps you can take to make your parking area attractive to those visiting.

Take Time to Clean Your Lot Daily

A dirty parking area will not be favorable to your business. It is extremely important to take the time in cleaning your lot at the beginning or end of each business day so customers who visit the next day are not greeted with debris to walk upon as they make their way across your lot. Sweep up all debris and dispose of it promptly. Use a garden hose to wash away any accumulated dust or grime to help refresh the appearance of your lot.

Provide Colorful Foliage to Be Enjoyed

A parking area that has colorful flowers present along the perimeter will instantly boost the moods of people visiting. Consider placing planters inside of posts at the head of each parking area and filling them with bright flowers for patrons to enjoy. Paint a parking spot number on each planter pot to help customers remember which spot their vehicle is located when they return to your lot after visiting your establishment.

Revitalize Your Lot with Repair and Seal Coating

If your lot suffers from damage in the form of cracks or crumbled portions, it will be necessary to make repairs promptly so customers are not at risk of injury in these spots. A parking lot contractor can easily fill in these spots, or you can take on the task yourself with help from a cement made especially for asphalt surfaces. Fill in crevices with small pebbles then cover with the cement. 

If your lot had several spots in need of repair, consider using seal coat to cover the blemished areas in their entirety. Seal coating is applied with a brush applicator with a squeegee on one side. The material is spread across the lot with the applicator and then must dry until it hardens. The result will be a parking area with a smooth, dark-colored surface to be enjoyed. Talk to a contractor like R Williams Paving LLC for more information.