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2 Signs That Your Parking Lot Needs To Be Repaved

by Howard Barnett

When your parking lot is initially poured, it is going to be a beautiful surface that is free from any damage. However, overtime it is going to start to break down, due to vehicle traffic, foot traffic, weathering, and it is going to need to be repaved. Some parking lots will need to be entirely repaved, while others will just need to have some touch up work done. There are certain signs that you can look for that will indicate that you should get your parking lot repaved as soon as possible. This article will discuss 2 of these signs. 

Small Cracks

If you start to notice that there are small cracks all over your parking lot, this is one of the first signs that you need to have your parking lot repaved. While these cracks may initially look to be small and harmless, they are going to quickly spread all over the place, and they are going to compromise the overall structure of your parking lot. However, if you get these cracks filled in as soon as possible by repaving them, you are going to be able to stop them from getting worse. While you may be able to repave only the areas where the damage is occurring initially, if you have had to repave several areas, it is likely going to be time to remove your entire parking lot and have it completely redone. 

Pot Holes

Asphalt that isn't properly sealed, or when the sealant begins to break down, this can cause water to leak into your asphalt. This water is then going to cause the asphalt to break down and chip away, creating holes that are initially small, but then turn into large pot holes over time. These pot holes can be both dangerous and damaging to vehicles and to people when they are located throughout your parking lot. On top of this, if you leave the pot holes alone, they are just going to get bigger and will cause more and more damage to your entire parking lot as they spread. In order to stop them from causing more damage, you are going to want to have the areas where these are located to be repaved. However, be sure that you have the repaving done during the warmer months of the year, because frozen ground is not going to allow the asphalt to settle correctly, thus creating another issue for you. Talk to a contractor, like Lakeridge Paving Company, for help.