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Tips On Maintenance Care For Your Air Conditioner Unit

by Howard Barnett

Cool airflow throughout your home comes through a forced-air system, which comprises the heating and central air unit. In order for your air conditioning unit to function correctly, the HVAC system has to be connected to the blower unit, motor, and the ductwork system. The air conditioner uses these mechanisms to force the hot air out of the home through return-air ducts that are connected to the furnace. Then the unit uses cooling evaporator coils to force cool air to flow through your home. When the air conditioning unit doesn't work to cool off the house, there could be issues with the airflow distribution unit. The information below provides some tips on maintenance care for your air conditioning unit to keep it functioning properly.

Air Conditioning Condenser Coils

When dirt gets on the condenser coils, it can prevent air from flowing through your home and cooling it off. This is due to dirt that may be blocking the coils from letting air flow through properly, which can cause your entire unit to malfunction. When the unit malfunctions, this means it has to work harder to try and reach the correct temperature set on the thermostat to cool off your home. Cleaning your air conditioning unit regularly will prevent dirt from flowing through the ducts and attaching to the condenser coils and causing these issues. In addition, if the condenser coils are damaged, they should be changed right away. 

Air Conditioning Unit Condenser System

The air conditioning unit condenser system is located outside, typically in your backyard or on the side of the house. This unit is considered the brain of your air conditioning unit and should be kept clean of any debris or obstructions. When there are obstructions in the way, the air conditioning unit's condenser could malfunction due to blockage, which hinders it from working properly. For this reason, the area should always be well maintained and kept free of all leaves, dirt, and any other items. By keeping the area clean, it will also prevent objects from blowing into the fins on the condenser. When cleaning the air conditioning condenser system, make sure that the central air system is turned off first. Once the unit is off, you can remove the top of the condenser and vacuum it out with a hose or hand vac. In addition, while it's open, you can clean leaves and other debris off of the fins with your hands.

If you notice the central air unit is not functioning properly after these steps, it may be necessary to consult with an air conditioning system contractor.