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Three Ways To Give Your Asphalt Driveway A Custom Look

by Howard Barnett

Having an asphalt driveway doesn't mean you have to settle for a boring patch of pavement on your property. There are lots of ways you can dress up your asphalt driveway with just a bit of creativity and some help from your contractor. Here are a few ways you can make your driveway look special.

Rock Bed Edging

It's important to have some type of edging around your asphalt pavement, as it can help prevent weeds and plants from encroaching on the driveway space. Instead of just using metal or rubber edging along the sides of your driveway, you can opt for a few landscaping-inspired features instead. Rock bed edging is one great option. It creates a barrier against weeds from growing near the driveway, and it adds a chic, modern look to your property. Consider the color of the rocks you choose for this project, as you can find a shade that matches your house or contrasts with your asphalt for a striking look. Use bricks or stones around the rock bed to keep the rocks in place and to create a more polished look.

Brick Inlays

Brick inlays add a unique look to your driveway. They can be arranged in a number of designs, from simple strips to ornate circles in the center of your drive. They lend a vintage look to your driveway while also creating an eye-catching visual aesthetic for your property. Talk to your contractor about different designs and brick colors so you can get a truly custom look for your drive.

Cobblestone Pavers

Cobblestone pavers offer another option for edging your driveway. The pavers lend antique style to your property while helping to protect your asphalt from weeds and plant growth. For this idea, consider using cobblestone for your home's walkways, and then match the stones to the ones you'll be using on the driveway. You can also add a strip of cobblestone at the entrance to your garage for a stunning look. You can also supplement the edging idea by adding exterior lighting fixtures that run along the cobblestone edging, which can help to increase visibility in your driveway while also adding an upscale finishing touch.

Talk to a paving contractor, such as at Phend & Brown, about the different ways you can make your asphalt driveway stand out. With some unique finishing touches, you can have the durability of asphalt combined with the style and beauty you want for your home.