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What To Consider Before You Build A Fence

by Howard Barnett

One of the awesome things about being a homeowner is the fact that you get to do whatever you'd like with the property, including installing a fence. However, if you've done any research yet, you know that the process involves a lot more than buying a few pieces of wood and some nails and getting to work. There is some careful planning that must take place first. Before you begin your project, here is some helpful information you want to keep in mind.

Materials Matter

The materials you choose for your new fence are very important. If you choose the wrong type of material, your fence likely won't last very long.

For example, if your home is in a humid climate, a solid wood fence might not be the best solution.  Even when the wood is sealed, the extra moisture in the air makes the wood more susceptible to warping and rotting.

If you're not sure which material option is best, do your research. You can also speak with someone at your local hardware store to ask for advice. 

You Need a Land Survey

Sure, the land is yours to do just about anything you want to do with. However, there are boundaries that make up your property line.

If your fence infringes on your neighbor's property, they won't be happy about it. If you live in a planned neighbored, the HOA could even fine you or force you to remove the fence. 

You need to have the land surveyed. A land survey will help you establish your precise property line so that you don't have to worry about infringing on someone else's space. If you did not have a survey performed when you first purchased the home, do it before you start building your fence.

A Professional Might Be Better

Few things can bring a homeowner more pride than knowing that you completed a project on your own. While you might want to build your fence by yourself, a professional might be a better option in the long run.

Not only will a professional understand the importance of material selection, but the fence installer will ensure the property is surveyed and adhere to the guidelines of the survey without erring, which is essential. Hiring a professional is an investment well worth its cost.

If you want a fence that is done right the first time, don't ignore these tips. For more information about having your land surveyed, contact a service such as one found through