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Dealing In Caulk: Contractors With A Niche And What They Do

by Howard Barnett

There are all kinds of construction contractors in this world. You are probably quite familiar with the majority of them. However, you may never have heard of a caulking contractor. There is good reason for that, too. Caulking contractors only do caulk- that is what they do. Not too many homeowners need a lot of caulking about the house, which is why the majority of these contractors only work on new construction, major remodeling projects as subcontractors, and/or home repairs. The following shows what you would normally use a caulk contractor for.

Waterproofing a New Bathroom

Whether you are remodeling a bathroom or installing an new bathroom in your home, caulking is a necessity. Caulking waterproofs these key areas in your home so that water cannot seep or leak under bathroom fixtures and cause water damage in the floors underneath or in the walls. The caulk contractor lays down a "bead" of waterproof caulk along all bases of fixtures and around any parts of  the fixtures that touch a wall.


Chinking is a caulk process that fills in holes, cracks, and fissures. Typically, it is used in masonry applications, as when a crack or fissure develops in the wall of a brick home. A different sort of caulk is used, but only a caulking contractor is so extensively educated in caulk that he/she knows exactly which caulk product to use.

Sealing out Drafts Around Windows

Caulk is especially good at sealing out drafts around windows. If you have old windows, a caulk contractor can apply caulk around your windows to seal out wind and weather. If you are replacing windows on your home, the caulk contractor arrives with the window installers to caulk under, around and in the frames of the windows to seal them completely from drafts and moisture. Re-caulking around the edges of the windows every "x" number of years is recommended.

Sealing Plumbing

Caulk made for plumbing is another service provided by caulking contractors. This is especially useful around old plumbing that may be slowly leaking into your basement or crawlspace. The caulk contractor brings plumbing-specific caulk to your home, heads for the basement or crawlspace, and begins sealing every joint, every connection, and every bend in your existing plumbing. With any and all leaks or potential leaks addressed, you water bills drop and your basement or crawlspace becomes and stays drier. There is also less water damage as a result.

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