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Don't Build A Sunroom Without These Helpful Features

by Howard Barnett

At its core, a sunroom is a really simple space. All it needs is four walls and lots of windows — a space meant to be enjoyed on nice days. But while a sunroom may seem simple, constructing one that meets your needs is not as easy as it might seem. The following features are really helpful to include and will make your sunroom a more enjoyable space.

1. Invisible Screens

Screens are really important if you ever want to open the windows in your sunroom. Nobody wants mosquitoes and flies making their way inside! However, standard aluminum screens have a very obvious appearance and are known for obstructing the view. It's worth paying a bit more for invisible screens, which are made from fiberglass. The fiberglass can be woven much thinner than aluminum, so you can barely see the screen when it is hung properly. As a result, more light will get in, but the bugs will still stay out.

2. An Electric Post

Putting outlets in a sunroom can be difficult since you may not have compound walls to run the electricity through. However, you will certainly want power in the space, and the easiest way to get it is with an electrical post. This is basically a tall post that can be installed in one corner of the room and will have a couple of outlets on it. These days, there are even electrical posts that come pre-made with built-in speakers and light fixture controls, so you can operate the whole room from this hub.

3. Insulated Roofing

If you don't plan to use the space in the winter, you might be tempted to go with a cheap, non-insulated metal roof. But even though you're not wanting the insulation for warmth, you really should pay a little more for an insulated roof. The insulation will dampen the sound so your sunroom is not an echo chamber. It will also help keep it from getting terribly hot inside during a heat wave.

4. Lever-Style Door Handles

Many times, when you go in and out of the sunroom, you are going to be carrying armloads of things — such as barbecue tools or potted plants. Doors with lever-style hardware are so much easier to open when your hands are full than doors with knobs or any other type of closure.

If you choose these features for your sunroom, you're sure to have an enjoyable space where family members and friends will love basking in the sunshine.