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Last-Minute Garage DIY Cleanouts Require Smart Dumpster Rental Steps

by Howard Barnett

One day, after months and months of planning, you decide to rent a dumpster and clean out your house. Does that sound like you? You might be saying, "No, I have to clean out my massively cluttered garage with almost no notice." If so, then there may be concerns about how you can book a last-minute dumpster rental. 

The Necessity of Short-Notice Dumpster Bookings 

Not everyone has weeks and weeks to plan for a garage cleanout. Perhaps someone wants to rent your garage and pay for a year in advance. Maybe you operated a martial arts school, and the studio ended up flooded. A temporary move to the garage could help you retain students. No matter the reason, years of accumulated furniture, unnecessary belongings, and other junk needs to go - right now. Calling a junk removal service, however, isn't an option when valuable and sentimental belongings end up mixed with things that long ago ranked as unwanted. You have to do things yourself and, hopefully, with some useful friends. When you're interested in booking a dumpster at the last minute, consider the following:

  • 24 Hour Delivery/Pickup: Not every dumpster rental company performs deliveries or pickups between set business hours. Perhaps the service could drop the dumpster off a 10 pm and pick it up at 4 am. This way, the service can empty the contents at 6 am and deliver the empty dumpster to another customer at 8 am, as promised. Yes, this scenario cuts things close, but it may be possible, so ask.
  • After-Hours Phone Bookings: Even if pickup/delivery isn't available after hours, see if the service takes/returns calls after regular closing time. Not waiting two days to speak to a booking representative at least moves things along.

Make sure to book a reliable service. With last-minute bookings, you can't afford a no-show.

Plan a Little in Advance

If an emergency cleanout scenario hasn't arisen, but the possibility exists, maybe you should clean out some garage junk now. You don't necessarily have to get rid of everything. Rent a small dumpster to unload, say, 1/4 of what you don't want. Later on, you have less to move, which means you aren't locked into only booking a large dumpster. Booking a costlier larger dumpster because there's no small unit still moves the job along. When the single available dumpster is an inadequate small one, you might only get the job 1/3 done, which might not be any better than zero done. A little planning can go a long way.

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