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The Advantages Of Using Limestone For Your Renovations And How To Care For It To Reduce Wear

by Howard Barnett

The renovations that you are planning for your home may include improvements with brick or stone. If you want to add attractive stone details, limestone is a great affordable alternative to many other masonry materials. With limestone renovations though, you will also need to know about the care and repairs that the finishes will need over time. The following limestone tips will help you choose where to use limestone and how to care for it for years to come:

Easily Shape Limestone Materials to Make Custom Design Features for Renovations   

The greatest feature of limestone materials is that it is very malleable. This makes it one of the best materials to use for custom natural stone features. The natural limestone can be carved with moldings, custom designs and patterns that give your renovations unique custom details. The stones can have a smooth clean finish, or a rough surface to create a natural stone look.  

Cost-Effective Natural Stone Material to Use for Your Renovation Project 

One of the biggest benefits of using limestone for renovations is that it is an affordable natural stone material. Limestone can easily be used to replace existing masonry or to update architecture. One of the ways it can be used to update a building is to enclose a crawl space that opens to an undesirable location.

Easy Cleaning as Part of Routine Maintenance to Ensure Limestone Materials Look New and Last 

Part of the routine maintenance that needs to be done to limestone is routine cleaning. This should be done with a mild cleaner that is formulated for limestone and water without pressure. You should never pressure wash limestone surfaces as this can cause serious damage to the stone.  

Taking Care of Wear and Repairs That Will Need to Be Done to Limestone Materials Over Time

One of the problems that you may have with your natural limestone materials is that they can wear over time. The damage due to weathering and rain will require repairs. The good news is that repairing limestone materials is something that can easily be done with new materials to replace the damaged or deteriorating stone.  

These are some tips to help with the care that your limestone finishes for renovations are going to need. When you get ready to start with your renovations, contact a limestone service or quarry, like Small's Sand Gravel Inc, and talk to them about using these materials for your project.