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How To Deal With A Problem With Your Well Pump

by Howard Barnett

If you have a water well on your property, you need to have a pump that pushes the water from the well into your home. The system is not overly complicated, but it can be challenging to repair without a well-pump repair service. 

Lack Of Water

the most common problem people experience with their water well is no water coming from the well. Many different things can cause the water to stop flowing from the well, and the only way to know what is wrong is to have a well pump repair service inspect the well for you. 

Water not coming out of the well does not always mean the pump is bad. It could also indicate an issue with the water level in the well, especially if there is a drought in the area or something has changed with the water table in the area. 

The well pump repair service will check to see if the pump is coming on. If it is not, they will check the electrical connections and the pressure switch at the pressure tank. If the control is faulty, it will not tell the pump to turn on, but if it is working and the pump still won't run, the pump will have to come out of the well. 

Pump Inspection

When the pump is not working and the well pump repair service has to pull it out of the well, they will need to take the water system offline for a while. The pump service will remove the pump, the waterline, and the electrical supply from the well to see where the fault is. 

The electrical supply cable running down the inside of the well is waterproof, but if the pump is moving around in the well, it can chafe the cable and expose the wire, causing a short in the system. The pump tech can replace a damaged cable, but the pump will need an inspection to ensure the pump didn't get damaged due to the short. 

If there is no evidence of a short or a bare wire, the pump may have stopped working, and the well pump repair service will have to install a new one for you. Since the old pump is already out of the well, they can easily replace it and then install the new pump in the well for you. 

Once the pump is back in place, the tech can reenergize the system and turn the water system turned back on in the home. The entire process can take several days to complete, but talk to the repair service working on your well to get a better idea about how long you will be without water.