Fix Your Foundation Before It’s Too Late

  • Repairing A Leaking Refrigerator

    14 September 2015

    If you have noticed dripping or puddles of water either inside or on the floor underneath your refrigerator, you will want to be quick at doing repair work so you do not have unnecessary food loss or damage to your flooring. Many leaking problems can be repaired on your own with simple household items and a bit of know-how. Here are some of the main areas to look for the source of a refrigerator leak and some basic guidance in how to repair them.

  • 3 Reasons Why Hiring A Design-Build Team Is A Smart Choice When Building A Home

    26 August 2015

    If you are planning on having your dream home built for you and your family, you might be thinking about hiring an architect to help you come up with your designs. Then, you might assume that you will be able to take these plans to a good contractor to have your home built. Although this might be the traditional way of planning for and building a home, you should know that it's not your only choice.

  • What Every Pool Owner Should Know About High pH Readings In The Water

    19 August 2015

    When it comes to general swimming pool maintenance, one of the things that many homeowners overlook is the importance of monitoring the pH levels regularly. A high pH level in your pool, or water that's too alkaline, may occur for many reasons and may lead to cloudy water that'll leave you uncomfortable if you swim in it. It's important that you adjust a high pH right away. Here's a look at why the pH matters and some common reasons why it can be too high.

  • Garden Overcome With Moisture? Install a Simple French Drain System Around It

    10 August 2015

    If moisture bogs down the soil in your vegetable garden every time you water it or it rains, install a simple French drain system in it. A French drain or trench is used to guide or drain water away from a structure or location, such as your garden. Unless you plan to install a French drain around your entire property, you can do the installation yourself. Here's what you need to do and why.

  • How To Choose The Best Siding For Your Home

    28 July 2015

    If it's time to replace the siding on your old home, you should talk to a siding contractor about all the options available today. If you have a big budget or don't mind materials that need a lot of maintenance, you may want to choose wood, brick, or stone siding. However, if you're like a lot of people and want siding you can install and forget about except for occasional repairs and cleaning, you'll probably choose between aluminum, vinyl, or fiber cement.

  • The Dos And Don'ts Of Concrete Polishing

    26 June 2015

    If you have interior concrete, whether it be in a garage or commercial space, it's a good idea to polish it for a more appealing look. Concrete polishing can also serve the purpose of a sealant, which will protect your concrete from premature wear and tear. Before you decide to have your concrete polished, there are some things you need to know to make the most of your budget. DO Set Aside Money for Repairs

  • Don't Let Delay Trump Safety: Call For Utility Location Services

    15 June 2015

    When you plan a project that involves digging, it is easy to forget about the the unseen dangers snaking through your yard. Water and sewer pipes, gas lines, power lines, and communications cables are buried to protect them from falling limbs that could clip overhead lines and from all of the various hazards that could damage pipes or cables running along the ground. While utility lines should be buried deep enough that you don't have to worry about hitting them, the risk is still there.

  • Four Things You Will Want To Know About Septic Tanks And Plumbing Problems In Your Home

    9 June 2015

    If you have a home that is on a septic system, maintenance is very important. Without proper maintenance, your septic system can cause plumbing problems in your home. Part of regular maintenance is pumping the septic system and having repairs done when they are needed. If you have a septic system for your home, here are some things you will want to know about maintenance of your septic system: 1. Preventing Problems With Septic Drain Fields

  • Details That Count When It Comes To Curb Appeal

    2 June 2015

    First impressions are important. The exterior of a home is the first thing that any visitor sees when they visit. A home with great curb appeal will seem more inviting to visitors and can be a point of pride for homeowners. There are also many other advantages of having great curb appeal. Homes with attractive exteriors and landscaping are easier to sell and can often command a higher price. Increasing curb appeal often involves painting, landscaping, and other big improvements.

  • Homeowners: Helpful Steps To Take When Maintaining The Toilet

    18 May 2015

    As a homeowner, a pivotal part of your bathroom is the toilet. In order to keep this part working at an optimal level, you can take these steps. Get Rid of Clogs If the toilet in your bathroom gets clogged, it's important to be proactive and fix this problem quickly. Start by bending a wire hanger so that it's straight. Feed one end through the drain, and keep pushing until you feel some resistance.