Fix Your Foundation Before It’s Too Late

  • 3 Ways to Save Money on Your Commercial Roof Installation

    3 November 2016

    Does your small business need a new roof, but you don't have a hefty budget? There are some ways that you can keep costs down without sacrificing quality, durability, or appearance. You will need to consider the style of your business' roof and what pros and cons for a roofing material matter the most to you Keep Non-Visible Roofs Simple and Cheap Many businesses have flat roofs that do in fact have a slight slope but not enough of a slope for the roof to become visible to people standing on the ground.

  • 3 Advantages Of Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding

    7 October 2016

    Capacitor discharge stud welding, commonly referred to as CD stud welding, is a method that allows small-diameter studs to be welded to thin, lightweight materials. It's a very popular method of welding, as it can be used on a wide variety of materials, including steel, brass, aluminum and copper. If you are unfamiliar with CD stud welding, here are a few benefits that the process can provide for you and your shop when compared with other welding methods.

  • Paint Your Home's Exterior Vinyl Window Frames

    26 September 2016

    If you recently had vinyl-framed windows installed in your home, clean and prepare the outer frames before painting them a color that complements the exterior of your house by completing the following steps. Materials ladder degreasing agent sponge water hose soft cloth low-grit sandpaper hand sander tack cloth newspaper painters tape can of primer (for exteriors) can of paint (for exteriors) paint stirrer paint tray foam brush narrow paintbrush Clean And Sand The Vinyl

  • Repair Small Crevices In The Concrete Seawall That Borders Your Oceanfront Property

    29 August 2016

    If a concrete seawall bordering your oceanfront property has small crevices in the top portion of its surface, due to years of being exposed to saltwater during high tides, clean and repair the damaged areas by completing the steps below. Once the seawall's appearance has been restored, apply a coat of sealer to the wall to protect it from additional damage. Materials Needed garden hose garden sprayer concrete cleaning agent water bleach scrub brushes (various lengths and thicknesses) wire brush tube of concrete patch caulk gun trowel sponge concrete sealer paint roller paint tray Clean Both Sides Of The Seawall

  • 3 Modern Upgrades You Should Consider Making to Your Shower During a Bathroom Remodel

    29 August 2016

    When indoor plumbing first became a thing a lot of years ago, the bathroom was a room of necessity, with only the essentials like a toilet, tub, and sink. However, the modern-day bathroom is far from just a room in the house you have to take care of personal needs; this room has evolved into the one room in the house where you can refresh, unwind, and rejuvenate. If you are planning to vamp up your bathroom with some more modern ideas in mind, the first spot to start making some changes is the shower.

  • Do You Suffer From Seasonal Affective Disorder? Build A Sunroom To Alleviate The Problem

    9 August 2016

    As the seasons progress through the year, you may feel a little depressed or pretty happy. It is not always easy to explain, but seasonal affective disorder is a real thing that can affect your mood all year long. One of the main culprits that lead to experiencing symptoms of this disorder is a lack of sunshine. Not only can your biological clock get thrown off-kilter but your serotonin levels could fluctuate quite drastically.

  • How To Clean Vinyl Window Siding

    25 July 2016

    To keep the siding looking its best, it's important to clean and maintain it on a regular basis. The climate in which you live will determine how often you'll need to wash the window siding, as natural elements such as rain, dust storms, and humidity can degrade the look of the vinyl over time. You can talk with your siding manufacturer or another professional, like Beissel Window & Siding, to see how often you need to clean your vinyl siding.

  • 3 Components Of Your AC That May Need To Be Cleaned To Prevent Problems

    8 July 2016

    Central HVAC systems consist of many different components. The air conditioning of your home can be inefficient when some of these components become dirty. This can cause damage to your AC, as well as problems with things like allergens and dust in your home. This is why you may want to have some components cleaned, such as the coil, ductwork and condensing unit. If you want to ensure your AC system is working efficiently during a summer heatwave, here are some of the components that you may need to have cleaned:

  • Using Gravel To Grow A Weed-Free Garden

    22 June 2016

    Gravel is often used for landscaping trim, but it also has benefits when it's hidden beneath the soil. Gravel can be used not just for drainage, but to keep pesky and hardy weeds from growing in your flower bed. Follow these steps to make a weed-free garden base. 1. Clear the weeds This is a surprisingly overlooked step. Weeds are resilient things, and if you let them start seeding, they'll find a way to poke through any ground cover.

  • How To Tackle Your Attic Clutter

    2 June 2016

    You want to use your attic, rather than just store everything there for it to never be seen again. It's time to tackle the clutter and get your room in order. Here are four steps to help you do just that. Keep, Donate, Trash Start with one section of your attic and work around it methodically. Have everything in three piles in the room for keeping, donating and trashing. The more you have in the donate and trash piles, the better it will be for storage.